What a day …getting ready to move to southern utah….we are buying  2 acres for about 3ooo dollars…flat and full of sagebrush and probaly rattle snakes but it is all we can afford at present…at least it will  take us outof the city.  we plan on growing organic vegetables and raising chickens for eggs and maybe a goat.  Pete has been building  very large solar panels this winte for  about thirty dollars per frame.  today he is attaching them to the roof. We still haveso much to do aswe are hardly prephared as to what lies in front of us.  I call it an adventure.   We will be boondocking on our landlolo…beats being homeless as we would be without this 32 tavel trailer.  Was hard to adjust at first to this but now like it alot.  Will be glad to be free of these neigbors which are all druggies and drinkers so never anyone to talk o so might as well be down  out in the wilderness.  By the way close to a ghost town called Modina has some spooky stories and will relate them sometime.  Also  where we are going ..close to all the national parks like Grand Canyon and Zion as well as Las Vegas.  Also an hour away from the back side of area 51…may see some weird things coming out of that and will keep you posted lol. Till tomorrow..so long.