jump for joy

Sadly I do not do this anymore …possibly something I should try again.   Becoming and adult and then growing older and older has left me feeling depressed and almost faithless.  I feel as if mankind has let me down.   Truthfully I probably have let myself down and really should always count my blessing and look at what is positive in the world.  then get on my bed and jump….. and hopefully do not break it.  Looking at the world from the top of the room instead of the bottom.  Blessings my friends…:<)



feels like spring

Up in the low sixties tody and have all our windows and doors open….wowoowo…so love it  like being born again .lololo….cannot beat such great weather  but of course I am busy  ….and going to make lasagna lately as pete is so wanting some….me too of course….he has been out attaching the rest of the panels to the roof and will be building a new panel soon…so we are off city electricity…..a good start in our plan to move….see you all.